Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Managerial Soap Opera

Marlins' Edwin Rodriguez is lone manager on early-season hot seat - Jon Heyman - SI.com

So our old friend the Bowden-hating Jon Heyman put Riggleman on the "warm" seat.

I can't say it isn't speculation with some merit since you have a manger of a non descript club with a non descript record. If it turns out to be accurate, hey you are a freaking visionary. If not, no one remembers.

What would be interesting is: Does the FO let a managerial soap opera commence?

One where we get hints and not quite definitive answers to questions about the managers status. It becomes a part of nearly every game story, it percolates through the old and new media everyone speculating on if and or when they may call the press conference to "make a change."

It's a way to stay in the headlines if you have a team that isn't particularly interesting or successful. And I really hope this FO doesn't go down that road.

Look, we all know this is a 70 win team. Without Zimmerman and LaRoche its probably a 60 win team!

(You'd have to have the lowest odd ever today for seeing a no hitter or perfect game when Halladay faces the emaciated Nats lineup)

So why turn yourself into that organization that habitually sacrifices its employees to satiated the blood lust of fan base. Riggleman has a nearly impossible job if the job is for him to win 81 games. He should be judged solely on how he handles the development of the younger players and making sure the egos of the older players don't become a clubhouse cancer.

That's a tall enough order and encouraging the speculation even behind the scenes would make the season more interesting but would be damaging to the club in the long term.

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