Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Washington Nationals Weighing Right Field Options... - Federal Baseball

Washington Nationals Weighing Right Field Options... - Federal Baseball

Is there anything to say about Opening Day (at least on the field.) Was anyone surprised that Roy Halladay dominated? Or that the Phils lineup got to Lannan? Color me not shocked.

What has grabbed attention is Stan's open admission of this ownership groups operational plan. They intend to create a hometeam Washington Generals for the amusement of displaced fans in other cities.

You have to admire its brilliance. And it would only work in Washing ton with its massive transitory population and relative proximity to major, underserved markets (I'm thinking New York)

Hold down payroll, don't take a single risk and cash the revenue sharing checks and the gate from non-Nats fans and laugh all the way to the bank. The Wharton School couldn't be prouder.

Just three words on the right field situation. WTF

Is it some kind of revelation that a Willie Harris/Willy F Tavares platoon wasn't going to work? That you already had offensive black holes at half the batting order slots and WH/WTF were going to be the most glaring?

To me, it reeks of a lack of planning. What did Dukes do to merit his dismissal? It must have been something since he has yet to resurface. Even a 2009 Dukes should be able to find a job, hell he'd hit cleanup for the A's.

So you had to axe Dukes and you did it without any idea of what you were going to do going forward. Great. I'll sell you some real estate in Las Vegas if you buy this "Nats looking at "high-profile" right field options" BS. That's message board quality stuff . . . oh hey the Rays'll trade us B.J. Upton for ????? They never say who. And to be honest, who would it be?

Of course, if they wanted to fix the spot, they could do so. Wladimir Balentien is freely available for almost nothing. He'd be an upgrade, even an asset. Cincinnati would give him for next to nothing. Now maybe you are waiting till he's put on waivers knowing that your putrid record last years gives you first dibs on the leftovers. If so, great. If not, three more words WTF. Need a spot on the roster? OoooHHHH OooooHhhhh ask me ask me. I know who could go . . .

I can give them a smidge of credit for making a quick move to at least try to patch the sucking chest wound in RF. It's just a real organization wouldn't have had it come to this on April 7th.

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