Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nationals Journal - Jason Marquis will stay on schedule

Nationals Journal
- Jason Marquis will stay on schedule

"I still believe that Marquis is going to be Marquis at the end of the day." -- that's the problem Mike. We're waiting for him to turn into the average starter he's always been. Woo Hooo

I hate to be a downer since 7-6through 13 games is miles better than the last two years. But really how different is this team from the one's that started so badly? One defensive replacement in New York results in one win, Zimm's hammy keeping him out of the line up and allowing him to bat in a high leverage situation garnered another. How would we feel about 5-8 with the same stats we have now?

I'm just not convinced yet that this team is appreciably better than the '08 and '09 versions. Strasburg may change that all by himself but it shouldstill be crystal clear that this is a major rebuilding job and gaining a few wins this year is not worth not gambling on future assets (e.g. trading Josh Willingham. What would the Red Sox give up if you offered them Hammer AND offered to take Big Pop-up's contract off their hands? Wouldn't they clean out the prospect cupboard?)

Don't get me wrong. It's a far far better thing to see a National make Top 10 plays for his glove work and not for having a jersey spelled wrong.

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