Thursday, April 1, 2010



The funny thing is: this headline could mean just about anything when it comes to our Nats these days.

This particular really?!? involves Willy Tavares whom I have already opined.

But you could say the same thing for Scott Olsen. Or Matt Capps (I'm sure it's just spring rust?)

It shouldn't be this hard to put together a narrative of the club's direction. But what can you make of actually thinking Willy Freaking Tavares is a good idea at any level? Here's a clue Mike: Willy Tavares IS REALLY BAD AT BASEBALL!

I get it. He's fast. So F(*&^&*( what! Usain Bolt is a hell of a lot faster why not him? I'll bet he isn't THAT much worse of a hitter than WTF. Oh Willy can catch the ball. News flash: there are lots of guys who's lone skill is catching the ball. It's not unusual. So find one who has that skill AND BRINGS ANYTHING ELSE TO THE TABLE!

Willy to me symbolizes the utter lack of imagination we're subjected to here in Washington. I get that you might consider this fetish with veteran stability a welcome break from Captain Leatherpants. Yes, the majority of his gambles didn't pan out. Such is the nature of gambles. At least there was a sliver of hope, at least you are telling me there's a chance. Willy Tavares tells me there is NO chance. It's like giving up. Now and in the future. What possible use is it to waste a single AB on Tavares? What future value will be mined as a result of WTF's presence.

It's not a secret that he sucks. He has made it abundantly clear that he a bad baseball player. No matter how well he does, it's not like he'll have trade value. It's not like he'll suddenly improve and be a plus player this year. So I ask WTF?

You want an example of imagination? The Marlins traded a ballboy to the Tigers for Nate Robertson. The Marlins. The team that didn't add a single FA in the off season. They are paying him diddely poo. And he isn't very good as a starter. But guess what? He IS really good at getting left handed batters out. Which I'm sure Adam Dunn will find out sometime this season. So, why not go to the Tigers and say "We'll pay $1m of his salary and give you a nothing prospect." That's more than the Marlins gave and all the Tigers wanted was salary relief and the roster spot.

Make him your LOOGY. Don't let him face too many RHB's. Watch as he is effective in that role. Then, flip him at the deadline for something useful. Team is better today and has an asset for the future. Simple.

Instead, I will silently seethe every time I watch WTF make outs at a staggering rate. Or more likely I won't watch.

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