Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Miggy Said

Jayson Stark: Washington Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg makes quite a first impression - ESPN

So we know exactly what Miggy Cabrera thought:

"When he throws the ball," Cabrera said, "it's like an explosion."

Jim Leyland says:

I was more impressed with the breaking ball," Leyland said. "A lot of guys now are throwing 96-97. Not many have the breaking ball to go with it. That's a very gifted young man. I was very impressed with him."

And then Stark writes the scenario I thought somewhat likely before ST began:

But suppose what they get the rest of this spring is more of what they saw Tuesday? Suppose the zeros on the scoreboard just keep mounting when he pitches while all the pitchers around Strasburg keep posting these same crooked numbers? Then what?

Then what indeed.

Now, please someone ask Riggs about why the hell Desmond was playing right field!

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