Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Elijah Dukes released (updated)

Nationals Journal
- Elijah Dukes released (updated)

He better have done something really wrong.

JimBo implied on his twitter account there was an "incident" and the Nats showed zero tolerance.

That would be OK. I could live with that.

But if you are telling me Justin Maxwell, Willie Harris and Mike Morse are a better options than Dukes well that's just nuts.

Dukes was 25. It's not like he's a grizzled veteran who has reached the limits of his talents. He has shown everything you would want in a middle of the order outfielder (pre-2009 plate discipline) prodigious power and even defense. Effort has been spotty at times but there were moments of sublime hustle.

Please just tell us the truth. It wasn't a baseball decision so don't insult us by claiming it is. You don't have to go into details. I don't need to know what exactly happened.

Of course, this may be a Cris Carter situation. Let's hope not.

(Carter backstory: played for Buddy Ryan and the Eagles early in his career. Was a drunk, in such bad shape the Eagles just dumped him. Cleaned up his life and had a near Hall of Fame Career in Minnesota. When asked why was carter released, Buddy Ryan famously said "All he does is catch touchdowns." It was used for years to savage Ryan football acumen but now after Carter came forward with the story, Ryan was the hero protecting Carter's reputation and giving him a chance at redemption.)

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