Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What the F*(&%^(&*%

That's all I have to say about this Boz report . . .

Let me say this as clearly as I can. 

There is NO OTHER PRIORITY higher for this organization than to sign Strasburg.  None. Zero.

Not getting a permanent GM, manager not deadline deals not roster shuffling, not even proofreading uniforms, it's SIGNING STRASBURG.

Haven't talked to him for a month? WTF????  They should have been camped out on his front lawn the day after the draft and not left until he signed on the dotted line.  Do you really think waiting even one second is beneficial?  Don't you think the leverage goes over to SS every second the Aug 17th deadline approaches?  Answer: Yes it does. 

Lerners: I know you didn't get rich by shelling out a dime more than necessary in your negotiations.  I can respect that.  But this ain't the parking garage business.  It's not all about location.  This is the entertainment business.  Perceptions matter.  I am not going to find a different parking garage just because the owner of that garage is a tighwad ass(^*&^*&^.  But I will find something else to do with my entertainment dollars rather than support a substandard product run by a tightwad ass*(&*(. 

Face facts: if you want this $400 million investment to start to pay off, you are going to have to start spending money.  I've droned on and on about ways you could have accelerated the development of this ballclub without tying yourself to big time free agent contracts.  Yet, aside from some overslot bonuses in the draft, nothing.  You even went cheapskate in this draft! 

Stop reading right now and pick up the GD phone and call the man.  Talk to Boras.  Now.  Don't wait.  Do it every freaking day.  Make yourself a pain in his ass if you have too.  Get it done and get it done now.  Can't you see what it would mean to the "fans" of this franchise?  Don't you realize how embarrassing it is to wear Nats gear in public?  

"You a Nats fan?  They suck.  They are pathetic" and those are the charitable ones.

You have a chance to start writing an entirely new narrative about this team by making the Godfather offer and getting this pick signed.  I am telling you, there will be the pre-SS era and a post-SS era.  The image of you and the team will change immediately if you show your commitment to winning by getting this deal done easily.  Drag it out, squeeze every penny till Lincoln cries and even if you get him, it won't change the perception.  It'll be, well they had to do it. they didn't want to and they nearly screwed it up.  Same old Nats.

I really hate to have to side with all the superficial jerks out there (I'm looking at you Wilbon you pompous windbag) who cavalierly dismiss this team as worthless.  But you are making it impossible to defend you.  Give us something please.

BTW: For those of us who think the team isn't quite as bad as it's record . . .


  1. I like to quote Branch Rickey's famous aphorism: "Good luck is the residue of design." The Nats bad luck is the slag heap of no design.


  2. Tampa Bay Rays -9 -- so last year they were well designed and this year not so much.

    Astros +11 -- are they well designed? They have Mike Hampton and Brian Moehler in their starting rotation!!

    Luck is what it is luck. As the Poker Brat says: If it weren't for luck, I'd win 'em all.

    And if the Nats had even luck this year, they'd be about where we thought they were . . . sub mediocre.