Wednesday, July 8, 2009

There is nothing left to say

I've been out of the TV loop for Nats games for a bout a week.

Last night, I sat down to watch the festivities from Denver.

Hey, not bad through three.  An opposite field bomb from the hitting Zim and three OK innings from the pitching Zim.

To be honest, I can't even be sure I remember all that happened over the next couple of hours.  I can honestly say I've never seen anything like Willie Harris' bouncing balls.  Think about this: would that grounder taken a normal hop, those two runs don't score.  That probably keeps the pitching Zimm in for a while longer and it makes the Guzman debacle and the 1/4/3 FC a moment of comedy rather than pathos.

What force is it that kept Josh Bard's drive to right center (the same spot Zimmerman's shot went and kept carrying) 4 feet from leaving the park?  Another almost moment.

I don't know about any of you but I was really scrutinizing Manny Acta's face every time the director panned to the dugout for a reaction to the latest disaster.  To me it seems bemusement was the dominant emotion.  Like he couldn't believe what he was seeing and had no idea how to make it stop. A sort of fatalism had set in whereby raging against the injustices perpetrated on the field would be pointless . . . they were going to happen and there was nothing to be done.

I won't go into a whole spiel on Boswell and his 20/20 hindsight.  He's old and probably forgot the Brandon Watson and Endy Chavez outfield defense experiments.  Sure they could catch but those teams couldn't score at the Jack Daniels High School prom.  Guess what?  You want players who can catch hit and throw?  Takes money or a lot of drafting acumen and luck.  Most of the time, you take what you can get. 

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