Friday, July 31, 2009

Be creative (and not cheap)

This is from MLB trade rumors today:

The Red Sox and Indians discussed a three-way deal Thursday night that would send Victor Martinez to Boston and Clay Buchholz to Cleveland, according to's Jayson Stark. The deal would include a third team and send prospects in all directions.

The Red Sox and Indians contacted other teams to find a match. The Red Sox would want to trade recently-acquired Adam LaRoche to the third team, according to one of Stark's sources. LaRoche wouldn't fit on the Red Sox anymore if they add Martinez and there don't appear to be many suitors for him, especially now that the Giants added Ryan Garko. We know a team other than the Giants made the Pirates an offer for LaRoche earlier in the month.

The Indians are "heavily scouting" the Rays' system, but it's a "long shot" that Martinez goes to Tampa because the Rays have financial limitations that would likely force them to make a preliminary deal before acquiring Martinez. With just over 14 hours left, they don't have much time.

Now in just these two paragraphs are two ways for the Nats to get better with almost no player downside.

1. Red Sox want VMart. But they have the Adam LaRoche albatross hanging over them. Get on the phone and tell Theo, we'll take LaRoche and his salary if you send us a prospect. Then deal Nick J. for Ryan Tucker and boom. Two prospects for 2 months of NJ and cash.

2. Same deal with the Rays. They need to shed payroll to add Vmart. Take their payroll and get a prospect. Rays are deep in pitching and have a ML-ready SS who's buried now behind Bartlett and Zobrist.

This is a great time to use the massive profits this team has been making. Strasburg is not enough. Do more. Be creative not cheap for once!

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