Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rejected Names

Surprisingly, the most difficult part in setting up a blog was choosing the name.  The technology part was a snap though my graphic design skills may be charitably described as "horrific."

Ah. but the name.  It perplexed me from the get go.  What would it be called?

I could follow the Nationals <blank> but it seemed that the good opne had already been taken and the sheer number of them meant no matter how cleverly I filled in the <blank> it would just be another one in a vast list.

That's when I turned my attention to a name with some connection to the franchises history.  As you might imagine, there isn't much there.

I nearly settled on Frank's Tears.  I even found the photo of our First manager after the Matt LeCroy debacle.  But it seemed unduly harsh and besides F. Robbie is an important figure in baseball history. No need to even approach clouding his legacy with a stupid blog title.

Then I went down the path of "minor, insignificant players I could memorialize for all time with a cynical blog name" road.  Of course, for me it would have began and ended with the immortal Levale Speigner.  Joe Horgan already had his place in franchise lore, so did Rick Short.  Nook Logan maybe? Levale, the erstwhile Gal Revels in Pee, would be the choice and the Levale Speigner Experience was nearly born.  But I decided that was just waaaaay too inside.  A dimly remembered player should have a little bit higher profile.

The 9000 was on the radar screen for a while.  Certainly a memorable number from franchise history and sort of descriptive of any one who might read this.  One of the 9000 as it were. 

So, I finally came back to Bang Zoom.  Charlie's signature phrase.  I was stealing from him and I was concerned that several of the entertainment companies named Bang Zoom would send me threateneing letters.  That's why I had rejected the name in the first place.  Well, I decided to brave the wrath of trial lawyers and go ahead with it.  It has a nice, bloggy name. Here's what BangZoom said.  That was the clincher. 

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