Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blogosphere Here I come

Shout out to Nationals Fanboy looser who is the first ever to mention something I wrote. My semi-serious proposal to sign Elijah Dukes to a long-term contract right now while he needs the money.

Really, its not a bad idea. He'll be cheap this year but if he has a decent season or hopefully a break out season he would get expensive fast. The danger of course is if the dawg really dies.

Personally I couldn't care less about the "moral" character of players. They are there for my amusement between the white lines. But I can understand a team not wanting to have someone who has (a somewhat overblown) reputation as a troublemaker as a keystone player.

And before we start judging Elijah's handling of his finances, let's just take a look at how those who's JOB IT IS TO MANAGE MONEY have been doing the last few months. Compared to Lehman Brothers and BoA, he's in comparativly little trouble.

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