Monday, January 26, 2009

I think its called a "Straw Man"

Stan speaks:

Do you want last year's -- I won't name the teams in the American
League that had payrolls all over $100 million that ended up last -- do
you want those $100 million teams? Or do you want the $40 million team
from Tampa that went to the World Series? OK. You don't care about
payroll. What you care about is your team. Payroll is not a guarantee
of success, and it is not an excuse for losing. So don't be distracted
by it, no matter how much the media wants you to be distracted by it.

As far as this goes, he is correct.  Although spending and winning are strongly correlated, they are not totally determinative.

The criticism such as it is, is not with major league payroll as it is with the seeming lack of interest in using the considerable revenue streams this team generates to make the team better faster.

One major international signing in two years.  Not good enough.  And, why has there been no attempt to be creative with your considerable financial advantage? Vulture teams with bad cash flows and offer them financial relief for talent.  Olsen and Willingham is a start but I am sure more could be done.

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