Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Someone more technologically adept than me needs to make that video

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Please someone make a Rick Ankiel throws from the OF highlight reel.  You could even include the throw he made after his 3 base error when he hit Zim on one hop from the base of the wall and made that play closer than it had any right to be.

Lay everything else off to the side and just witness such a display of athletic achievement.  How many humans could do what he just did?  If there were a lot, we'd see them patrolling OFs all over the majors.

I may have been wrong when I wrote that this is a .500 team.  The offense is a problem but it's not an insurmountable one.  There is NO question that this team has pitching and defense.  You can go a long way with those two.  Its clear that this team is going to play a LOT of close games meaning that luck and the odd outstanding play will determine wins and losses. Luck evens out but defense is a controllable constant.  Right now the weakest link defensively is the left fielder.  And if that's your weakest link you are in pretty good shape.

I even think they'll be fine offensively if Desmond and Espinosa can keep getting on base with such regularity.  Desmond's been the real revelation so far, what can you say about a guy whose been your best player from an 8-3 streak?  Its an absurdly small sample size yes but being the best player for an 8-3 stretch has some meaning. I know Desi won't keep it up but he really doesn't have to.  Just play solid defense and get on base.  Zimmerman will come around and maybe by that time Morse will be back.

At the very least, there sin't a game the Nats can go into right now where I think yeah they've got a huge edge in the starting pitcher department.  That's a major turnaround.  I've got to think seeing the Nats on the schedule looks great to opposing fans but the advance scouts are telling the players hey no free lunches this series boys.  You are gonna have to get after it or we'll be shut down.

I guess there is a reason Davey Johnson's teams always end up better than anyone believes at the start of a season.

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