Friday, April 27, 2012

Not that anyone cares but I approve this message

Nationals minor leagues: How Hagerstown scored 24 runs and the rise of Danny Rosenbaum - Nationals Journal - The Washington Post:

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Harris said Skole’s patience signified why Hagerstown has “started to heat up. They’re doing a very good job of controlling the strike zone.”

I heartily approve this organizational message.  Although as a complete nerd I did ask the Fangraphs prospect maven about Skole yesterday and he said he didn't like Skole coming out of college but that he had dropped 20-30 lbs and looked much better at the plate. The field well that was a different story.  I remain hopeful since I sat at the Pfitz a while back and saw Mike Moustakous lose a game when a three hopper went right between the wickets. I would have sworn to you he couldn't handle the hot corner in a slo pitch softball league after that but now I can't turn on webgems without seeing him making a play.   So let hope spring eternal.

I know the bullpen depth is an issue without Storen but to my eye Tyler Clippard needs to take a break.  The last two years of massive use have finally caught up to him.  He's not built like a horse and I think its starting to show.  It happens with relief pitchers, they lose effectiveness after heavy use.  And no one's been leaned on more than Tyler.  And that's not just a comment on last night. It seems even when he's gotten out of jams (like the 7th last night for example) he's really struggling with command.  And it seems they have a scouting report -- lay off the change.  

Hitting is down all over MLB so far this season.  That's good in the sense that the anemic offense isn't that out of the ordinary. But its clear its going to be a problem. Not a killer problem since I am sure the pitching is as good as advertised.  So we're in for a season of 3-2, 2-1 games with a lot of drama at the ends.  In fact, if Storen doesn't return at all, I'd put Henry Rodriguez in line for 40+ saves assuming he maintains his current grip on the strike zone.

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