Monday, April 9, 2012

Following the script

You could do a search and replace on National's pitchers and their "sore" elbows.

This time cut and paste Drew Storen's name.

How many time does this have to happen?  First it's no big deal then its rest and rehab then its a flight to Birmingham and see you next year.

Although the way H Rod and the rest of the pen pitched in Chicago, maybe we won't miss Storen all that much.

That will be key however. This looks like a team that will play a lot of close games. They can't score and their pitching will keep them in it.

However, should Morse return soon at nearly the same level of production as last year and if Desi and Espi keep getting on base I wouldn't be surprised to see a pretty decent offense.  La Roche finding his stroke is the best possible news. Let's see it happen for a month though -- of course given La Roche's history we'll have to see it for an entire season before its real.

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