Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heyman still a D-Bag

Rangers lead trade deadline winners, Nationals are biggest loser - Jon Heyman - SI.com

No. 1 on the losers list? Really? Because they didn't overpay for Denard Span or B.J. Upton? Maybe they should have been in on Colby Rasmus (but weren't since that would have cost $$$$$).

But the real kicker is the old "They didn't trade Soriano or Dunn" BS.

Hey D-Bag Heyman -- Ever heard of Jordan Zimmermann? Know where he came from? I didn't think so. Well I'll tell you. He was taken with a compensatory pick awarded to the Nats for the FA signing of Soriano.

Now, tell me who did the Twins get when they traded Johan Santana? Phil Humber was the centerpiece. So making a deal isn't always the right move. Of course since you are a sportswriter you have a bias for immediate action over carefully considered long term planning which is BORING right?

Didn't trade Dunn -- well Alex Meyers and Brian Goodwin is a pretty good haul (or their signable replacements in next year's draft).

They didn't give up much of anything for Gomes and in theory he fits well with Laynce Nix as a very productive LF platoon. So what's wrong with that?

And getting anything of value for Jerry Hairston Jr. alone should warrant a winner tag. Nats got a potential 4th OF -- not exciting but a guy who could fill a role on a good team.

No, the Nats didn't make a game changing deal at the deadline. One wasn't available.

Bowden's gone Jon. Whatever slight he inflicted on you is in the past. Move on.

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