Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nationals Spend Big In Draft: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com

Nationals Spend Big In Draft: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com

Well it certainly took them long enough.

What's to say . . . they are building an organization through the amateur draft. That's the strategy. We've seen it now for two straight years going well over slot wherever and whenever possible. What's not to like. Assuming Rizzo and his staff are good at their jobs, there will be a plethora of talent rising through the system, maturing at around the same time. It's almost textbook.

Since I can't write anything negative about the signings, let me just pour my venom on the coverage.

First, it took ZERO skill as a talent scout to pick Strasburg or Harper. So please, let's leave them out of any draft/scouting discussion. You would need an Omar-level amount of incompetence to have screwed those two picks up. They are not the result of any "focus on the draft" or "emphasis on development" those two are the result of two hundred loss seasons. Or sucking at the big league level which is not a skill.

Also, please this strategy is but two years old. It was no where to be seen in '09. I don't care if the Nats spent a record amount in the '09 draft or not, they had not yet committed to this strategy at that time. That's why they didn't take any over slot signing later in that draft. Most reports gloss over this fact when they talk about the Nats draft history. '09 was Strasburg and a lot of $2 scratchers.

All that said, its a lot brighter today if you are a Nats fan and are waiting to see meaningful baseball played in the Nation's capital.

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