Friday, July 29, 2011

Cheap Bastards Redux

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I can't swear by Jerry Crasnik's veracity. For all I know he may have made this up or been told it by some one with an axe to grind.

Because if he's right, then the CBs are back in charge.

$2.2 million. You want some team to give you a decent prospect and eat the money! Are you F*&$%^# Insane!

Here's the thing. YOU HAVE ALREADY SPENT THIS MONEY! Its not like you have to stroke a personal check you didn't expect. You were always going to have to pay this out.

For the last f*&^&*% time you are a big market club. I don't give an F about your current revenues and such. This is a big market, you are god damn BILLIONAIRES -- act like it! You eat that $2.2 million for breakfast to get a decent prospect. That's how you get better.

Besides, you are going to have to open the checkbook for Purke and Goodwin and Rendon and Meyers. Uh why hasn't that been done yet. And I won't rehash my utter disgust at the fact that you haven't made a single notable international signing AGAIN!

You flush $126 million down the toilet on Werth and now you are quibbling over this chump change? Man up. Or sell the team.

I know in theory it makes sense to trade a relief pitcher for an everyday CF given a rough equilibrium in salary and control. That doesn't make it easier to part with Drew Storen for Denard Span as much as the Twins people scream about how unfair it would be for them.

And yes Span in theory is exactly what they need and what I've been calling for them to find a CF with good OBP skills. An elusive creature no doubt. And he would be under contract till 2015 so he would in theory be part of team that was a contender. So as painful as it is to give up one of ours, its the right thing to do.

Although I will point out that you could have had BOTH Storen and your cost controlled leadoff CF had the CBs simply unclenched their wallets and ponied up for Leonsys Martin who is currently tearing through the Rangers system.

Or you could have had Colby Rasmus had you just been willing to eat Mark Teahan's $10 million. Todd Coffey and a B level pitcher plus that would have gotten it done.

Face it, you aren't getting what you want without paying up. Get over trying to star in Moneyball II, compete like the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and Angels do: with big fat wallets.

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