Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jim Riggleman Resigns

Jim Riggleman Resigns: MLB Rumors -

Holy F!

Gut reaction: I can't blame Rizzo for not making a move under pressure. Riggs wasn't his guy anyway.

Did Riggleman think he had leverage having the team at .500? Thought this was his one chance to get a multi-year deal and when it didn't happen he felt honor bound to go through with his threat?

Thinking deeper, this might not be the worst thing to have happen. Now they need an interim manager and please make it an interim manager for the rest of this year. And that guy CANNOT be a candidate for the job long term. I don't want a guy who feels he NEEDS to win this year to get a new contract.

Despite the current hot streak, this is still a team in rebuilding mode. They aren't playoff contenders and they still need to operate as if they aren't. Wins in 2011 aren't important, wins in 2012 and beyond are. So, please don't burn up Zimmermann's arm or Clippard's or Storens. Please trade Pudge and Marquis and Coffey ASAP. Put in a guy who will keep playing Ramos over Pudge and Desmond over Cora.

I will miss you Riggs. A solid baseball man, a pretty good talker in the press conferences and surprisingly willing to take some chances (pitcher batting 8th!!!). I think the players liked playing for him and that can't be discounted. And once again, thanks for Strasburg!!!!!

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