Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's said better elsewhere

Nationals top Phillies, but still must overcome ingrained culture of losing - The Washington Post

but just let me throw an amen brother on the Boswell's an idiot pile:

I understand that Boswell is a writer and as such his focus is the narrative of the here and now. He's crafting the story of the 2011 Nats and in that context things were looking bad.

But "scouting for players who might help in 2015" IS THE EXACT FREAKING THING RIZZO NEEDS TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW!

3 of the first 34 picks in a deep draft means unless they add at least two new members of their top 10 prospect list, it will be a failure. And that will set the 2015 Nats back even worse than a "wildfire."

Really, a wildfire? A team with Alex Cora and Jerry Hairston Jr. playing every day and losing is a problem. It's not a problem, ITS REALITY! It was a 70 win team that had aspirations of 75 with a bit of luck and might be well on their way with the run of decent pitching they've gotten.

But take away Ryan Zimmerman, or the criminally underrated Ryan Zimmerman if you will, and the decay of Adam LaRoche and you have another 1st pick contender.

As I've written so many times: 2011 died the moment Strasburg's elbow snapped.

Taking the focus off 2015 and putting it on this year's collection of hope to be's and never were's is the criminal mistake. I'm sorry Boz that it doesn't make for a compelling summer of columns but them's the breaks.

And I'm sure covering the Nats is a lot less fun when you can't sidle up to Stan and have him talk your ear off for a half an hour in the press box. Stan's a world class talker and I'll bet privately he has way more interesting things to say. So the Lerner's or Rizzo or really anyone in the locker room can't talk like Dunn, that's no reason to demand some new friends for you to BS with Boz.

Try learning spanish. I'll bet Pudge and Livan! would be great bull session buddies.

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