Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buster Blog: Nationals' Future

Buster Blog: Nationals' Future - ESPN Video - ESPN

I know everyone loves their draft the day after and the rubber won't meet the road for three to five years.

However, when you have a draft say like the Nats did, its OK to celebrate just a little.

Every guy they took should have been drafted before the spot where they took him. That means they got value.

They got a true CF prospect with OBP skills -- a need that they didn't have to reach for.

They got a potential front line starter or a potential top line set up guy (another Jon Rauch if you will)

They got the best bat in the draft (right now). Rendon is probably the only guy who could step in and hold his own at the major league level right now. Not that he should but just that he could.

And as Buster points out here, all Scott Boras clients. Remember when that was considered a negative?

Nice little flourish at the end of Buster's blog about the Braves players saying the Nats have quite a collection of talent on the way and that they might be in the hunt for another Boras client this off season in Prince Fielder.

I'd be surprised if they did go after Fielder, he doesn't seem to fit their athletic at all costs paradigm and with his old player skills would be a candidate for a early 30s cliff dive in skill.

Went to see Ryan Zimmerman's rehab game at the Pfitz last night.

It is true that Zim ole'd a hot shot that helped lead to the 5 run 2nd inning. But you really can't blame him for that, not like he needs to or should sacrifice his body for an out in a minor league game. Rifled a double down the left field line in his first AB then went the other way for a single in his second.

Otherwise, things did not look good. Bauer started for the Keys (I believe this is the older brother of the O's top pick yesterday) and he dominated everyone except Zim.

Destin Hood looked particularly bad. He passes the sight test with flying colors but in one AB he looked like hitting was a entirely new experience to him.

J.P. Ramirez doesn't pass the sight test. Maybe it was perspective but he looked like a paper boy out there. He did draw two walks including one where he went down 0-2.

Besides Bloxom's HR and Zim's 2 hits the Potomac highlight was a spectacular double play turned by Koburnus and Lozada. Koburnus reached a ball headed up the middle, made the glove toss to Lozada who barehanded and got the guy at first by a half step.

Trevor Holder was so hittable. He threw strikes early but everything that the Key's hit was hit on the screws even the outs. It seemed he started to nibble a bit which got him behind in counts and then had to come in. The results were predictable including a HR that hit right in the middle of the Uncle Julio's sign in dead CF. Seemed like his velocity was fine so either he can't command it in the zone or it is dead straight.

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