Friday, May 27, 2011

A stupid question

Wire Taps: Washington Nationals Trade Chatter: Pudge Rodriguez, Todd Coffey. - Federal Baseball

Are the Nationals ready to start dealing? -- That's the tag line. I'll give you the short answer: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the Giants really called about Pudge, why would you let the Giants GM off the phone before you made a deal? Rangers called about Todd Coffey but "no serious talks" are going on? Really? Todd Coffey should be sprinting to Arlington right now.

Perhaps I'm wrong and the front office actually believes this team can turn it around and at least make a run at.500. I say so what? As I've said before 2011 died when Strasburg's elbow popped. Zimm's injury drove a stake through the heart.

I guess part of the problem may be that Rizzo and the rest of the front office is buried in draft prep. That's a quality excuse. This draft is very important -- 3 picks in the top 35 in a deep draft. They need to come away with at least two new members of their top 10 prospects list for 2012 and another high ceiling player. Those guys will likely have a bigger impact long term on the Nats than anyone they could get for Pudge or Coffey.

But to think there is actually some kind of choice between contending and dumping in trading either or both is absurd. The likely impact on the 2011 Nats would be small. The fans will understand. They will, you won't be losing attention, you will actually make it more interesting. We'd like to see some new chapters, offer hope rather than basically the nothing we have now.

And while you are at it, call the Yankees and offer Marquis.

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