Monday, May 9, 2011

Here's a sentence you son't want to read about your new outfielder

Nationals Trade For Speedy Minor Leaguer Gregor Blanco | May

Blanco is no star, and not quite a prospect anymore, but he is a good young player who had been boxed out by a bad situation in Kansas City where he was stuck behind veterans like Jeff Francoeur and Melky Cabrera.

Hey now, we got the guy who's behind Francoeur and the not Miguel Cabrera. Pinch me.

Really though, this is just a depth move with no long term implications. I'll say this for Rizzo, he's very through about how he constructs his bench. Constantly, tweaking it, looking for spare parts.

What I'd really like to see him doing right now is: Squeezing a useful long term part out of the Yankees for Jason Marquis. They have to be desperate for a starter since the Garcia and Colon mystery rejuvenation tour can't go on much longer and you have 4 possible rotation replacements (Maya, Detweiler, Milone, Meyers) waiting in the wings. Should get a bigger price the more starts Marquis makes in pinstripes.

I will say this: 16-18 at this point in the season is a minor miracle. It just can't last can it? Can these starters keep making quality starts? When will Clippard and Storen's arms fall off? I anticipate a nasty losing streak sometime before Zimmerman comes back. That lineup is just so weak.

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