Friday, May 13, 2011

The Nationals' bullpen conundrum

The Goessling Game: More on the Nationals' bullpen conundrum

The operative assumption here is the bullpen is built to win now and develop for later.

That's wrong. Winning now is unimportant. Developing assets for the long term (trade or useful pieces) is the primary goal.

Rizzo obviously thinks so. He can never say that but this bullpen construction reflect that thought.

And I give him two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Once again, 2011 died the moment Strasburg's elbow popped. So what is the value of 60 wins vs. 70 wins? Is anyone going to remember or care going forward? No. Unless you follow the Pirates to decades of futility.

Having a long term plans means making near term sacrifices in return for long term success. This is the sacrifice. One meaningless game in the middle of May during a lost season. Big Fing deal.

As for an overstock of relievers, let us remember the Orioles got Mark Reynolds for a quiverful of relievers this off season. The Padres got Cameron Maybin for a pair of relievers. So excess relief pitchers have trade value, you just need them in Costco-style bulk packaging.

Yes it sucks today to realize a winnable game was lost because the team's roster wasn't optimized to win that night. Such is the price to be paid.

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