Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ray Knight

I know we Keyboard Kommandos love nothing more than ragging on people with real jobs and real accomplishments.

So, I'll just say this: I like Ray Knight in the booth.

The last two nights he's had no problem criticizing the Nationals, players and manager when they do something that deserves it. And he does it in a direct manner leaving no doubt about where he stands and why.

He's told me things I didn't know about the game rather than the recitation of what I've just seen with my own damn eyes. Yes, I saw he swung and missed at a curveball thank you Captain Obvious.

But just a minute ago, Knight quickly and concisely told me WHY Desmond just booted a ground ball he should have had. Big league hitters are so strong they put so much topspin on the balls they hit shortstops HAVE to charge and catch the ball on the short hop.

Or just the inning before, explaining what Pedro Feliz did wrong on the safety squeeze and what he should have done.

I'm sure most people went Huh? Why the F do I care about what foot Feliz should have stopped on but I find it fascinating. A little nugget of hard won baseball knowledge passed on to us the unwashed masses.

Quick comment on the Oswalt situation.

The problem with Oswalt is: he's too good. He may not be entirely worth his contract but he's real close. That means the Astros can ask for and will get very good prospects back for him. I'm not sure the Nats are in a position to make that trade. I'm sure they aren't a real contender (and they are proving it here in Houston right now). Oswalt is a guy who could tip a pennant race and for that matter a whole postseason. Some real contender will get that and make a Godfather offer.

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