Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joe Posnanski � Blog Archive � Bryce is Right?

Joe Posnanski � Blog Archive � Bryce is Right?

If Pos had gotten his first job in South Florida, would he have be in on the ground floor of Alex Rodriguez? Or maybe Cincinnati when Junior came out.

Maybe he goes to the Minneapolis paper in the early 90s and sees high school uber athlete Joe Mauer. Mauer, also a hometown boy just like Gordon, was drafted BEFORE his generation's Strasburg Mark Prior.

The point being yes not every hyped high school baseball player pans out. But Earl Cunningham is no more or less significant than Joe Mauer. It's a crap shoot and the odds are against you in the draft. Any draft. Even football where they have football factories cranking out professional football players aged to perfection and coached up.

If you had to bet your mortgage, you'd have to bet Harper will not be a multiple time All Star caliber player. That's the most likely result. But the Nats have to put their chips in and harper gives them the best chance of cashing in.

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