Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A.J. Cole, HS Pitcher - Video | MLB.com: Multimedia

2010 Draft Scouting Reports | Draft Report: A.J. Cole, HS Pitcher - Video | MLB.com: Multimedia

I absolve you Riz for any and all past sins IF you can get this guy signed.

I can't freaking believe they took a tough sign in the 4th round. I'm speechless.

I just don't want this to be a Dodgers situation where they drafted a guy in the first round who they KNOW they aren't going to sign so they at least get the pick next year. Although if I were Frank McCort, why wouldn't I want to give away as much of the marital assets as I could before the big split?

Harper will be what Harper will be. All-star, HOFer or mammoth bust. There really was no skill, no gamble with him. They didn't have a choice and have to pony up to sign him.

But this pick is Far more important from my point of view.

This pick says finally we're acting like the big revenue team we are. We can take tough signs later in the draft and get them into our system. Not only can we (which they've been able to do but haven't) but they actually WILL.

I would have rather seen Workman instead of Solis and Paxton rather than the SS from Rice but I won't quibble unless Cole is matriculating this fall rather than pitching.