Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some commentary on our awards

I won't replicate the list of the 1st Internet Baseball writers of DC awards.

You can find the winners here.

I'll only make a couple of observations.

First, I was terribly surprised at how close the voting was for Minor League Player of the Year. That seemed to me to be as easy a slam dunk as most of the other categories (Zimm on the hitting side and Lannan on the pitching side.) Maybe Derek Norris is out of sight and out of mind but aside from his weak finish, he had a season that would top many organizations lists not just the Nats relatively weak system.

I suppose I should have given Desmond some more consideration. He remade himself into a legit prospect this season. And I am telling you right now, Brad Meyers will be a major league starter soon. Maybe not a great one, maybe just another #3/4 guy but he will be in the mix.

To me the toughest category was relief pitcher. Does anyone in that bullpen deserve any type of recognition? Better still, would any of them make a postseason roster this season? I think it was the goggles that swayed me.

And if you are wondering who voted for Elijah Dukes for the humanitarian award look no further. The little league incident and the overblown reaction to it by the club and the media made that an easy call. Bring Dukes back, play him in RF everyday, tell him he needs to relearn patience at the plate and he'll be fine.

OK how about some other categories to get some different names in the mix:

Bucky Harris Scrappiest Player of the Year -- Give one to the guys with limited talent!

1. Willie Harris
2. Pete Orr
3. Jorge Padilla

Denny McLean Pitching Disappointment of the Year -- another chance to stick the shiv into our favorite punching bags

1. Daniel Cabrera
2. Scott Olsen -- (I'll just assume Rizzo was kidding when he implied he might offer Olsen arbitration)
3. Joel Hanrahan

I'm sure if I could give it more thought I'd come up with a few others.

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