Thursday, October 8, 2009

Post Season Nationals Trivia

Thought I'd forgotten the Nationals One a Day Calendar updates.

No. Just waiting for another great one. And October 8th is it.

Here is the best trivia question the marketing department could unearth for the Nationals

The 2007 Washington Nationals had four players who struck out at least 100 times. Can you name them?

Yes. Please tell me how many useless at bats I watched by in '07? Please, I want to relieve all the cooling air generated in the hot Washington summer by these fantastic fanners.

Two quibbles with FJB:

1. Bradley Meyers is a clear cut above everyone on that list except Detweiler. And he's ahead of Detweiler by a nose.
2. Jack Wilson wold be a fine no hit/all glove shortstop. 16 and 15 uzr/150 the last 2 years. I think I'd put more faith in Wilson's glove remaining valuable than Hardy's bat coming around.

One big point of agreement with FJB:

Jeff Suppan's albatross of a contract BEGS for a salary dump deal. BEGS for it. Give us Hardy, whom you don't need and will earn far more than you want to pay anyway and Suppan and his massive obligation and we'll give you a brisket sandwich. Don't tell me the Brewers don't make that deal in a heartbeat. They want to add two starters and are willing to deal Mat Gamel to get them. That means they will have to take on salary and they HAVE to be a the top of their salary ceiling.

Now it may turn out that the point of this deal, to make sure the 2010 nationals don't lose 100 games for a third year in a row, may not happen. It's somewhat likely that Suppan pitches WORSE than the c level bottom filler rotation guys used this year. And Hardy's back may make him Belliard-like in his range and Josh Wilson like with the stick.

While I'm thinking about it, I should make a list of tradeable commodities on the shelf for Rizzo to deal with:

Untouchables: Zimmerman, Strasburg and Storen

Untradeables: Dukes (attitude), Dunn (National League only) Guzman (contract) Flores (injury)

Moveables: Every pitcher not listed above. Lannan probably has the most value. Detweiler is probably 2nd. I love Meyers so I'd make him 3rd (although he'd be untradeable for me). Do guys like Mock, Martis, Chico, Stammen, Balestar and Martin get traded? Aren't they basically replacement level?

How about deeper? Guys like Arneson or Mandel? Maybe Milone. Do the McGeary/Smoker/Willems trio have any value left?

Willingham makes the most sense as a trade chip on the hitting side. Relatively low salary next year, good clubhouse guy easily replaceable as a corner outfielder.
Do you have to dig down to guys like Burgess, Hood and J.P. Ramirez to find prospect value on the hitting side? I think you might. Espinosa I suppose. Maybe he makes Desmond expendable.

Really, the cupboard is kinda bare. To me, it makes more sense to use your absurdly low payroll to leverage talent from organizations that are overstretched.

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