Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chief Jackass

" seems some reporters just don't even know what they don't know, and often don't even know what they think they know."

"As a fan, and as an owner, no one hates to lose more than I do, but I like to base my opinions and my emotions on fact, not on cocktail party suppositions. That's the difference between a mature fan or pundit, and a childish tantrum...

"I have had to learn not to expect more from some of the folks covering the Nationals. My friends have been telling me that for a few years...

"I have to remind myself that the job of many reporters is filling column inches more than being factual or informed."

-- Chief Jackass Mark Lerner

It's only four small paragraphs. But oh how much it says.

His Obamaian paranoia about media, his casual dismissal of criticism as ranting of the uninformed. A true douche.

Hey Mark, if you are so concerned about accuracy, then by all means tell your side of the story. What's inaccurate? Don't you think we'd love to bash the Food Critic if he got something wrong? Of course we would. So show me.

Tell me I'm wrong when I make the claim that you pocketed $40m in profit in '08 and will turn a profit in '09. Open the books and make me look like a fool. Please.

Prove to me that you aren't ignoring the international free agent market. Show that you tried to sign Inoa or Sano or Aroldis Chapman? Give us the phone records, the texts, whatever we need to prove you are doing everything you can to win. Show me why spending $3.2m on the best Dominician prospect this year is a bad idea and how your orgainzation is just too tapped out to be a major player in this avenue for acquiring talent.

Clearly you must be smarter than me or all the other observers out here in the Natsmophere. You own the team and I don't. You have the money, you must be smart because you earned errrrrr inherited all that cash. Please enlighten us oh Sage of South Capitol Street. Tell us why uniforms are misspelled, tarps fail, fireworks malfunction and two consecutive 100 loss seasons happened?

There is one positive Mr. Lerner. You'll have to do a hell of a lot worse to capture the worst owner in town award.

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