Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is it with Ulnar Collateral Ligaments and this Franchise?

Washington Nationals' Left-Hander Sammy Solis Joins Jordan Zimmermann And Stephen Strasburg. - Federal Baseball:

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I suppose there is a good reason for TINSAAP but come on. Another top pitching prospect needs TJ? Maybe they should just do a proactive TJ on Purke and Meyer right now.

What is troubling about the Solis saga is that it parallels many other pitching injuries suffered. Lack of firm and quick diagnosis. Now it was plainly obvious when Strasburg snapped his elbow but in a bunch of other cases it has gone just like Solis . . . loss of effectivness followed by elbow pain followed by rest followed by a quickly aborted comeback followed by a trip to Dr. Andrews.

I understand that medical science isn't an exact one. But this isn't an episode of House. There isn't some mysterious underlying cause of elbow pain. These are pitchers, they hurt their elbows all the time in predictable ways. It shouldn't be that hard to figure it out.

Further, can we just chalk this up to the vagaries of fate? Is there a problem with the training staff? Strength and conditioning? Clearly the Nats medical and training staff lags behind say the Phoenix Suns but are they somehow hurting the organization? It would seem to me to be a rather prudent investment for a billionaire to make who owns a MLB club (since we know they aren't going to spend internationally!)

Speaking of spending, kudos for the Zimmerman extension. As long as he stays healthy, which you could say about any long term guaranteed deal, he should be worth it. And we like Zimm so there shouldn't be the same show me resentment that clouds our view of Jayson Werth. We already appreciate the ways Zimm helps defensively, they way he leads and of course his "clutchiness". Even with a decline, I imagine the fan base would be saddened rather than angry about Zimm's albatross contract.

Let me say this too. The Phillies are not going to be as good as everyone thinks they are. Chase Utley's already dinged, Howard's declining and he's hurt, Rollins is way older and theire best pitchers on on the wrong side of 30 too. It would not surprise me if the Phiting Phils struggled to break .500.

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  1. a major part of the post-TJ process is rehab -- strengthening the ligaments and surrounding meat with those boring range-of-motion exercises. About 10 years ago, Oakland started experimenting with "prehab" -- sending pitchers to rehab as if they'd had TJ already. I have no idea if it works, but I think it'd be a great idea.