Thursday, February 2, 2012

Does Super Agent Scott Boras have a conscious?

Nationals To Sign Edwin Jackson | February:

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Because if he did, this is his penance for what the Nationals did for him in re: the Werth deal, the Texeria deal AND the Fielder deal.

I know all about Edwin Jackson's flaws. Bottom line: he was good enough to start playoff games LAST YEAR. I would not be embarrassed to have him start one this year. Quite frankly, as much as I can appreciate John Lannan and his magic wizardry, I can't see him pitching in a crucial game.

But let's not get hasty about it.

There is zero reason to just dump Lannan because you have a "glut" of starters. Those "gluts" tend to work themselves down to well I think Jason Simontacchi will go on Thursday real quick.

And if it doesn't come to that for the Nats, it WILL come to that for someone else. Hopefully, it will come to a team with a surplus CF who can get on base. (Pie in the sky I know.)

Is this now an 80 win team with significant upside potential? I'd have to say it is.

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