Thursday, December 15, 2011

Preparing to be bitterly disappointed

How Much Would Yu Pay for Jordan Zimmermann? | FanGraphs Baseball:

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I'm glad someone did this. I have neither the time nor the talent to do this through a job.

If you don't want to click here's the nut: Darvish is worth nine figures.

Four current 25 year old comps: Yovani Gallardo, Felix Hernandez, Johnny Cueto and Jordan Zimmermann.

His 21 year old comp: Shelby Miller.

20 wins above replacement just sitting there waiting for the Lerner's to stroke one check. OK two checks.

Is this the first of many times the folly of the Werth deal comes back to haunt this franchise?

I don't look forward to Yu's Ranger debut. Nor do I look forward to his post-season starts.


  1. Aaaallll speculation. Npb is AAA level of baseball; we've seen plenty of guys here that dominated AAA baseball and couldn't cut it in the pros.

    Yes he looks good. Scouts rave about him. He's got 8 pitches. These are all things also said about Matsuzaka before he cost the Red Sox 9-figures to give them 49 wins over 5 seasons.

  2. You will notice Dice-K ISN'T a Darvish comp. Two reasons: first his #s are far superior and second HE'S NOT JAPANESE!

    Just because his name is Yu Darvish doesn't mean he's exactly the same as every other Japanese pitcher you've ever seen. He's half Iranian, He's 6 FEET 5 INCHES tall. He weighs 220 lbs. He's not a crafty pitch mixer, he's a power pitcher with more than adequate off speed pitches.

    And instead of buying his decline phase of his early 30s (like the Angels did with CJ Wilson and the Marlins did with Buehrle) the winning bidder gets his 26-31 year seasons -- most likely his best.