Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Report: Nationals unlikely to re-sign Adam Dunn because of defense (and one scout is insane) | HardballTalk

Report: Nationals unlikely to re-sign Adam Dunn because of defense (and one scout is insane) | HardballTalk

Goessling quotes an opposing team's scout as saying that "the only person in the front office who wants to re-sign him is the owner."

You can make a convincing case for not resigning Dunn -- in fact with where the Nats are in terms of the success cycle (maybe on the very bottom of an upslope?) having Dunn for 4 years at first may not be an optimal use of resources.

But to say you are concerned about defense . . . so how'd that Nyjer Morgan defense thing work out? Go ask the Red Sox about their focus on defense.

Now, since you are collecting groundball pitchers, it makes sense to have a strong infield defense. Zim check Desmond check (hoping more experience lowers the error total) Espinosa check and ???????

You've already got three of four. And I might point out the fourth is the least valuable.

Personally, I love to watch Dunn hit. If the Nats resigned him I could talk myself into that. Dunn represents a certainty -- he may not be worth what he'll be paid over those four years but he'll come damn close. Most likely scenario -- he's the 2 win player he was as an awful left fielder/incredibly valuable bat.

I could also construct a case for letting him go. But there are two caveats -- 1. Arbitration must be offered. Two picks minimum signed and delivered. 2) The resultant savings MUST BE SPENT. And not on Jon Garland or anyone like him. Either Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford or international FAs (rumors floating that Yu Darvish may be posted this winter. That's an excellent use of any Dunn savings)

I'm pretty confident in #1. That had to be the plan without the July 31 deal. I am less confident in #2.

If you think I'm off base, with Soriano the Nats did #1 but failed at #2.

The owner in this case looks at the situation and says: Dunn is more of a sure thing. I opt for security. Again, it's not my money on the line. I couldn't kill the Lerner family for making that choice.

Rizzo and the scouting staff say: we opt for risk. We're going to get other players with the Dunn salary who hopefully work out and make us better in the long term. Not sure there is anyone who could be brought in who would be as sure a contributor as Dunn.

Of course, it could be as simple as -- we've got an extra $12 million to stuff in out couch cushions. Hurrah!!!!

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