Thursday, September 2, 2010

A least someone cares

Reaction from Nats clubhouse - NATS INSIDER

"We decide when we run. The Florida Marlins will not decide when we run. We will decide when we run. Nobody will decide when we run."

Well said Riggs. Well f*&^%$ said.

At least Nyjer cares. He's still playing baseball. When this team should be doing nothing more than running out the string, at least Nyjer puts the Nats at the top of Sportscenter.

Now as to keeping Nyjer into 2011 -- well unless his OBP rises or his defense improves, he's not worth a roster spot even if he was A.C. Green. That more than anything should lead to the end of the Nyjer Morgan era in Washington.

Which means Job 1 in the offseason is to find a high OBP, defensively gifted CF. Good luck with that Mike. Not like we're asking for much. I don't even have a ridiculous suggestion.

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