Friday, January 22, 2010

Screw with TWGMIBB

Here's your chance.

Drive up the price of Ben Sheets.

Do it today.

The Mets "rotation" is Santana and a bunch of question marks. Not nearly good enough to hang with the Phillies. And everyone, even clueless Omar knows it.

He's under the gun. He HAS to win NOW. He has to fill up that new ballpark. He overpaid for Jason Bay (oh the sweet smell of irony, first he gave him away then he overpays to get him back the true mark of an incompetent; buy high and sell low.)

Sheets is the only difference maker left. Make Omar pay. Make him give Sheets a player option or a big buyout for the second year. Make him pay $8m this year. Put the screws to him.

It's what shrewd GMs do to teams in their own division.

You know what that's like don't ya Stan! Konack him!

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