Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Response to A Microcosm

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They have shown us. They have made it crystal clear: The Washington Nationals are a business.

They demand ROI. And they want it today not in three years.

This offseason continues the same pattern they have shown since inception. A big announcement about your #1 overall choice and that record breaking contract. So let's not talk about the fact that we went super cheap for EVERY OTHER PICK WE MADE! Our 3rd round choice was a 10th rounder on every one else's board but he'll sign fast and cheap so he's a Nat and who really cares about 3rd round choices?

It's apparent the Lerner's have decided they can comfortably maintain their asset by keeping payroll manageable, catering to high dollar customers (the big offseason expense are luxury club upgrades in a brand new ballpark!) and selling tickets to fans of the visiting team who just happen to be plentiful in Washington.

From an MBA standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. It's practical, prudent and almost foolproof.

But I don't have to point out how it feels from a fan's perspective. Hell, if the OWNERS don't care to win, then why should anyone else?

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