Monday, August 20, 2012

Boz -- All is forgiven

Visiting the Washington Nationals - Grantland:

'via Blog this'

Yes, Thomas Boswell, all is forgiven.  At least when I realize that we could have a pretentious blowhard like Charles Pierce scribbling for us instead.

Of course he's not here every day and can't be bothered with any minutia like oh understanding why the ball park was "ridiculously expensive" (hint for you CP -- it had to do with the District and the politicians who insisted on a municipally owned park.  If you can't figure out why, then I suggest you try building a parking garage in the District and see how quickly they politically-connected cement companies scurry out from the woodwork.)

Let's beat the old "they lost two teams, they don't deserve another one" horse to death again.  Yes, Havana IS a much better spot for an MLB team than the 7th largest media market in the country.  I'm sure all of us would be dying to hop in our Piper Cub's and meringue down to Havana to smoke cigars and complain about capitalism.  Hey CP, I'll bet those '36 Olympics were such a hoot -- bet you wish you were there too. They really knew how to celebrate human achievement with totalitarian style.

So, DC losing teams is just desserts but Montreal losing a team it didn't give a shit about, in a crummy stadium that was a health hazard is a crime of the century?

Nice for noticing that there are National's fans Mr. Pierce.  Did they just materialize in the past week?  Or were there 2 million + in 2005?  Surprise?  A Winning team means fans go to the park.  Losers mean they don't.  Amazing insight. I really must ensure the continued daily delivery of dead trees in order to savor your wisdom.

I will give him credit for the Whitey Ford reference in re:Gio.  Perhaps if he had stuck around and seen the other four members of the starting staff he might have laid off the doesn't look like an NBA 3 meme.  Pretty sure ZNN, Stras, Detweiler and EJ would all man the small forward position.

I do have to agree with at least one thing . . . the worst part of the pennant race baseball in DC will be the endless cameos of "important" people in the stands.  Hard as it will be to believe, their insipid BS when they get camera time will be even worse than that of ordinary LA or NY based celebrities who at least will be trying to move product rather than compete to get their snouts in the public trough the deepest.

On a small baseball note, kudos again to Davey.  Making the Werth hit leadoff is something only a guy like him could do.  In other words, despite the fact it makes far more sense than any other lineup configuration, Werth's stature would disqualify him in the eyes of most "baseball" men.  Davey, while being a "baseball" man is also smart enough to know what's going to help his team win.

It hard to imagine, when I started blogging here the goal I had in mind was 63 wins.  Now, it may be a .500 season before the end of August.

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