Friday, July 13, 2012

I never doubted you Mike, Ted, Mark

Nationals go over slot, sign Lucas Giolito for $2.925 million | HardballTalk:

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OK so I did.  But you came through.  Paid the tax, acted like the big market bad boy that you are.  I suppose I should know who else is paying the tax but I don't.  So that must mean it isn't very many teams and the Nats are one of them. GOOD FOR YOU AND ABOUT FREAKING TIME!

Now, all you have to do is take a look at the "where they came from" list of the All Star Game and see that almost half of them were international free agents.  Pry out a few pennies in that direction and you'll be on your way to a (dare I say it) dynasty.

OK that's a bit too much. The system isn't set up for dynasties unless you own and control your own network in one of the top media markets in the country.  So please, give that bastard Angelos absolutely no quarter in the MASN negotiations.  Take as much as you can. A playoff run this year leaves you holding all the cards . . . the longer they hold out the better your deal should be.

One more thing. Fangraphs posted a fake trade where the Nats give Rendon, Espinosa, Meyer and Leon to the Phillies for 2 months of Cole Hamels.  Just don't.  No need at this point to give up much of anything for help at the deadline anymore.  2 month rentals are even worse a deal then before the latest CBA . . . how long will the giants regret Zach Wheeler?  Or more precisely, how long will we regret Zach Wheeler?

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