Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nationals are due some luck on their ‘question marks’ - The Washington Post

Nationals are due some luck on their ‘question marks’ - The Washington Post

I can't find it and I just don't have the time to do it again but trust me: Mike Morse is no Jayson Werth. Morse's best minor league seasons don't compare to Werth's from any angle.

Is it possible Morse has just figured it out? Sure, I guess. Is there any statistical evidence to back that up? No. Some guys have great minor league numbers and then for one reason or another flame out at the big league level. Then a few years later, they blossom (usually for a short period of time) and they kind of "come out of no where."

Nothing in Morse's profile screams productive regular. That doesn't mean he won't be a productive regular in left this year. Clearly he's won the lion's share of the left field job. Should he replicate Willingham's production, this lineup would be miles better.

Right now, you have to think the RF/1B combo will be about the same as 2010 with just the proportions changed. CF about the same, 3B and SS about the same as well. 2B and catcher should be improved so patching the expected loss in left means this lineup has the chance to be as good if not better than the 2010 version. Not something I expected.

Haven't had any luck? Really Mike. Livan!'s 2010 wasn't a heaping pile of steaming luck?

Meathook's one good year wasn't a bag of horseshoes? Morgan's 2009?

Perhaps the "luck" has been to little and too far between but its been there. Management hasn't been proactive enough in capitalizing on that luck -- selling it high when it had the chance. Points for cashing in on Capps's "luck". That's the way it should be done.

Watched most of the Saturday ST game on MASN. Was not immediately blown away by F.P. Sounded like every other former player in the booth -- can't really remember anything useful he added. That alone is an improvement over Dibble.

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