Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Must be consistent

Nats release half-price coupon code for Stephen Strasburg’s return � Let Teddy Win!

I was critical back in June when the team was coy about letting fans know when Strasburg would make his first start. So I suppose I should count it as a success they are actively marketing his return from the dead shoulder era with discounted tickets.

It may be a little on the huckerstish side but that's the essence of marketing. They have some sizzle and they need to sell it. Reflects a new attention to detail and organizational competence that is encouraging.

From John Sickels review of the KC Royals Top 20 prospects:

3) Aaron Crow, RHP, Grade B: 5.66 ERA, 90/59 K/BB in 119 innings in Double-A, 130 hits. Was just demoted to High-A and gave up 10 hits and eight runs in his first start. No way to spin this season as anything positive.

Can we FINALLY move on from the "Crow debacle?" Would any of you trade Storen for Crow right now? Would any GM with half a brain? Oh and Storen was a few million cheaper too. Double Plus Win!!!!