Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nationals Journal - John Lannan to miss next start

Nationals Journal
- John Lannan to miss next start

Another Nats pitcher covers up arm soreness, pitches terribly, then gets an MRI. Stamman & Zimmermann last year and Lannan, Marquis and Mock this year. How many more arms is this team going to sacrifice?

Don't the coaches notice when one of their guys is off? Can't they tell a guy is not throwing with ease? They never hear the guy complain or hear him say OWWWWW after snapping off a curve?

Riz, you have a problem with baseball operations. I know pitchers get hurt but c'mon. These are your prize assets. It does no one any good to have them out there throwing BP and getting hammered. Do something to sniff out these problems BEFORE they take to the hill and either A) stink B) get further injured or C) BOTH!!!!


  1. Lannan actually said he told trainers "right away" and had the MRI before he pitched again.

  2. "Last two starts, it's been there, you know, and I battled through it," Lannan said of the pain.