Monday, February 15, 2010

W T F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nationals Sign Willy Taveras: MLB Rumors -

Willy Tavaras? FUC(^(*&^*(&

I don't even care that it is very unlikely that he makes the roster. Just the idea of Willy Tavaras in a Nats uniform, the idea that Mike Rizzo thinks it might be a good idea to have this guy as a National is appalling.

HE FAILED MISERABLY JUST LAST YEAR!!!!! Weren't you paying attention. Cincinnati screwed their offseason giving this guy the CF job.

Then Cincinnati manages to rid itself of the stink of Tavares by trading him to Oakland. And what does a smart GM do as soon as he acquires Willy T F? Cuts his ass even though it costs millions!

So, there is enough cash to take on a crap sandwich like tavares but oh noes no precious dollars for a Cuban emigree with power and athleticism being chased by smart good teams.

or how about a 19 year old cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechevarria . The Angels along with 5 other teams a e in on him.

How about spending the wasted time on Tavares looking at real sources to make the Nats better Mike.

Really, if Nats bloggers want to help the team, let's take up a Shawn Eckhardt collection for Willy Tavares.


  1. From Bill Ladson's article:

    "The Nationals will have to pay Taveras only the Major League minimum of $400,000 if he makes the team. The remainder of his $4 million contract for 2010 would be paid by the A's."

    A non-guaranteed spring training invite, where they only pay the minimum if he makes the squad? No harm there.

  2. Paying Willy Tavares's per diem is a waste of resources. And the thought process that thinks he could be helpful is troubling to say the least.

    Time was spent thinking about Tavares. Or more accurately, wasted. Spend that time scouting 19 year old Cuban shortstops not signing useless sub-replacement level 5th outfielders.

    I understand that the most likely result is Tavares doesn't make the team and we as fans are never subjected to his prodigious outmaking at the major league level. And I know it's not a lot of money (he probably as a tenured vet would get paid a little more than say a Maxwell or Bernadina who's job he would be stealing.

    It's the principle of the thing. It's like the Royals saying they value OBP and going out and trading for Mike Jacobs. It shows a critical lack of understanding and that is what is so disturbing. Hell, go sign Ryan Langerhans to an NRI. I could deal with him as a 5th OF, he gives you defense and some power. Tavares gives you nothing. Zero.

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