Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who's running the asylum?

To quote the great John McEnroe:

Jim, you cannot be serious.

Reward veterans who's played hard all year?  Owe it to contenders? 

On one hand, Riggs attitude is the correct one for a manager.  A manager's job is to win the next game. Period. 

But there has to be someone in the organization who isn't focused on the next game.  That's what the VP for baseball operations or  whatever title Rizzo got when they made him general manager.

He's the one who tells the manager "Listen, I know its not our best chance to win tomorrow but I have to know some things about our young players if I am to make informed choices this off season.  So, play Desmond.  Everyday.  I'll deal with any hurt feelings."

This has clearly happened on the pitching side where Detwiler will only get in a few mop up innings. Right now, wouldn't Ross be the first choice to take an open rotation spot?  Syracuse record would make that case. But that ain't happening.  (Notice how they just shut  Martis down rather than give Riggs an option)

These September innings are of absolutely no 2009 value.  But they do represent an asset for the future.  Let's see if Desmond can be an everyday player.  Can Maxwell stick as a 4th OF? 

And keep this AB/IP as an asset in mind during the off season.  A veteran SP could be had with just enough cash and a promise of a rotation spot guaranteed.  Someone like Ben Sheets.  Hey Ben, instead of killing your 2011 value by getting hammered playing for a contender (Brad Penny for example), why not sign in Washington for one year?  We'll accommodate your schedule . . . need an extra day off? No problem.  need to skip a turn. Be my guest.   And if you regain form  by July 1, you will be traded to a contender.  You won't know in the spring if the team you pick will be a contender.  We can guarantee that if you pitch well, you'll be in a pennant race in August/September.  Some agent has to be smart enough to see that's a pretty good deal for his client.

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  1. genius on the Sheets comment. i never thought of that angle!